Carbon Void Blue INFO

Carbon Void Blue

Carbon Void Blue is a study of material and basic positive and negative geometry. The outer shape is defined by the overlapping segments of two intersecting cubes and fabricated in cast ground coal.

An iridescent wedge of blue resin sits in the corner of a void, created by the intersection of a third negative cube. Although dwarfed in size by the surrounding coal the brilliant translucence and reflective inner surfaces of the resin draw the eye inside where light seems to extend far beyond what is physically possible. But from different angles, the resin almost disappears or reveals a sliver of piercing blue.

The Carbon Void series explores the notion of absence as a signifier of function. Made to human scale the works examine through simple geometry our relationship with objects and the architecture of what we create to house and support the human form. Resting on one of its facets the inner void may become functional as a seat or container; placed on another it loses its function and becomes purely sculptural. 

Coal; polyester resin; jesmonite; wood

Approximate dimensions
H: 1000 mm  -  W: 1000 mm  -  D: 1000 mm


Photography: Jaroslav Moravec