Carbon Void Bronze INFO

Carbon Void Bronze

Carbon Void Bronze is a study of materials and basic positive and negative geometry. The outer shape is defined by the overlapping segments of two intersecting cubes and fabricated in cast ground coal.

A third negative cube creates a cavity in the centre. Lined with polished bronze this open void explores the notion of absence as a signifier of function. The mirrored surfaces endlessly reflect each other and the surrounding environment, further enhancing the sense of emptiness. But the highly reflective bronze void also establishes its presence in the room by projecting overlapping patterns of shimmering gold onto the walls, adding the dimension of light to the dialogue between presence and absence.

The Carbon Void series explores the notion of absence as a signifier of function. Made to human scale the works examine through simple geometry our relationship with objects and the architecture of what we create to house and support the human form. Resting on one of its facets the inner void may become functional as a seat or container; placed on another it loses its function and becomes purely sculptural. 

Coal; bronze; jesmonite; wood

Approximate dimensions
H: 1000 mm  -  W: 1000 mm  -  D: 1000 mm


Photography: Jaroslav Moravec