CC Series INFO

CC (Carbon Copy). Printer toner sculpture sublimation print on aluminium.


The CC Series is a study of the properties and applications of carbon as a principal ingredient of black printer toner.

Toner powder is dropped onto a surface and then partially displaced using compressed air. The resulting composition of cleared and heaped powder is photographed and the image is printed in black toner onto an aluminium substrate. In this interpretative act the printing medium itself serves as both the beginning and end of a circular process.

CC (Carbon Copy) refers to the traditional method of making direct copies of written or typed documents by inserting a slip of carbon paper between two sheets of standard paper. Pressure applied to the top sheet transfers carbon from the insert onto the sheet below to make a copy. In this instance, rather than being the medium for delivering the copy, carbon itself is the subject matter - the starting point - and also the material used to represent the image. The camera and printer are simply tools to facilitate the translation of the material from one state to the next.  

Each work in the series is a unique print. Making just a single copy of each image emphasises the direct relationship between the original composition in toner powder and its printed counterpart.



H: 1200mm x W: 800mm x D: 27mm

Materials: Sublimation print on aluminium


Photography: Tom Price & Sylvain Deleu