MC Bronze #1 INFO


Meltdown Chair: Bronze #1 is made using a ‘lost-plastic’ casting technique. The original form for the chair, made from polypropylene tubes, is encased in a thick ceramic shell and then melted out to create a cavity into which the molten bronze is poured. Once cooled the ceramic shell is broken away to reveal the bronze form within. The back and underside is left ‘raw’ and patinated black. The seat is polished to a bright mirror finish.

This is a part of a limited edition of 12. As the ceramic mould must be broken to release the chair, it is necessary to repeat the entire process from the beginning every time one is cast. While this process is very labour intensive, it ensures that every chair in the edition is unique.

Material: Bronze
Approximate dimensions: H: 750 mm  -  W: 450 mm  -  D: 450 mm 
Year: 2011


Photography: James Champion