PP EXP paintings are created by arranging concentric rings of black, white and grey polypropylene pipe inside one another and melting one end whilst applying varying degrees of pressure to each ring. The result, when cooled is a surface of ambiguous swirling, explosive monochromatic pigments, created blind and largely by chance, and each entirely unique.

For me, these experiments embody the essence of what I try to capture within my work, allowing the materials to speak for themselves and removing myself as much as possible from the process.

In all my experiments with materials and processes, it is the small details, rather than the big picture that for me hold the most fascination; where materials liquefy, discolour, blend and burn, and where true alchemy occurs, completely beyond my control.”  - Tom Price

Materials: Polypropylene tube
Approximate dimensions: H: 1200 mm  -  W: 3600 mm  -  D: 100 mm 
Year: 2011