Thinker Table INFO


Meltdown Chair: Thinker Tables   were commissioned by the Chinese gallery, Chapter 7, and formed part of a large solo exhibition of Price's works that were on show in Hangzhou, China, from September to December 2009. They are made using black, white and grey polypropylene tubes that have been fused together, and then melted at one end to create a smooth flat tabletop.

The tubes are arranged in such a way that, when viewed from a distance, they form three-dimensional pixels of a two-dimensional image. In this case the images are the faces of the Greek philosopher, Socrates, and the Chinese philosopher, Confucius (or Kongzi) and were chosen by Chapter 7 to reflect the cross-cultural philosophy of the gallery.

A convex mirror, placed high on the gallery wall enables the viewer to see the tables from a height and distance that most effectively reveals the images on the tables. Seen from this position the images become almost photographic.

Materials: Polypropylene tube
Approximate dimensions: 
H: 720 mm  -  W: 1000 mm  -  L: 2000 mm
Year: 2009