Vyner Tree INFO


Curated by Future City and commissioned by the developers Barratt London for the newly built Courthouse apartments on Romney Street in Westminster, Vyner Tree establishes a direct historical link to its location as the site of a former vineyard, once used to produce wine for the Abbot of Westminster Abbey.

Spanning some 12 metres, the sculpture rises up and through a living green wall, its shimmering leaves overlooking a private courtyard on one side and Romney Street on the other. 

The foliage, cast in bronze from masters made from partially melted plastic pipe, is patinated black on one side and polished to a mirror finish on the other. The result is a contemplative work of art with an iridescent surface as changeable as the weather.

At its base are three rocks, sourced from the picturesque mountains of northern Bohemia and then cast in bronze. A simple intervention in the form of a slice or tunnel through the rocks offers a highly polished surface for children to slide on, climb through or explore. 

Coal; polyester resin; jesmonite; wood

Approximate Dimensions

H: 5 m  -  W: 12 m  -  D: 3 m

H: 1700 mm  -  W: 1000 mm  -  D: 650 mm
H: 1300 mm  -  W: 1200 mm  -  D: 900 mm
H: 1500 mm  -  W: 1400 mm  -  D: 900 mm


Photography: Jaroslav Moravec